They Told Me To Go And Mould Him By Myself, That I’ll Grow Old While Waiting – Angela Nwosu


A popular Nigerian celebrity and traditionalist, Angela Nwosu has taken to her Facebook page to recount how she met her wonderful husband whom she always refers to as her god.

Angela Nwosu and her lovely husband

In a recent post, the celebrity narrated her experience when she told people the kind of husband she wanted to marry. “Do you remember back in 2015 and 2017 when I always use the name Emeka in all my stories? I said I must marry a Man named Emeka. Must be a Man United fan. If his name is not Emeka, no marriage” – she wrote.

Angela Nwosu and husband

According to her she said her choice of spouse caused some of her friends to be against her. They said that she will grow old while searching for a husband she listed his qualities. The traditionalist revealed that it was not too long after she set the standard for herself, she met her heartbeat Emeka in 2018. With all expected qualities present in him.

“I said it how exactly I wanted it and the universe gave it to me” – she said. She proclaimed her declarations as positive, adding that nine of her declarations has not happened. “I’m not a spiritualist for the mouth, my spirit guides don’t know what sleep is” – she said.

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