Twitter: Olawepo-Hashim Calls For Helpful Exchange


Business head honcho and legislator, Mr. Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim, has pushed valuable exchange in the goal of the go head to head between the National Government and a miniature contributing to a blog stage, Twitter.

Twitter issue


Olawepo-Hashim brought up such exchange was significant as a result of the common interests the two players share in a flourishing and free Nigeria digital market.

He said in an explanation on Wednesday that Twitter’s administration and National Government’s correspondence and data controllers should begin a discourse interaction.

The discussion, as indicated by him, ought to be pointed toward settling the issues prompting the suspension of the stage’s tasks.

Olawepo-Hashim said: “Nigeria needs liberated Twitter tasks to propel the reason with the expectation of complimentary discourse. Twitter likewise needs Nigeria, which is presently home to the 6th biggest clients of web on the planet, numbering 104m.

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“The worries of Nigeria’s specialists over the utilization of the stage by dissident powers to subvert Nigeria’s solidarity is real and should be tended to

“Nigeria has a more essential advantage, in being a confided in part in the digital market – a market where the nation is a promising future force.”

“The two elements can’t, in this way, stand to discard the child with the bathwater. There isn’t anything that discourse can’t resolve, and that is the explanation we ought not let this putrefy.”