VIDEO: Cultists Fearlessly Engages Police On A Shootout In Benin Edo State


The Edo State police recently have been engaged in a shootout with Aye cult confranranity Along Sapele road in Benin, Edo State.

According to details gathered by BRAINNEWSPAPER correspondent, it was learnt that the shootout which lasted about 30 minutes was as a result of the stubbornness of the cult members. Sources had it that, the powerful confranranity was burying of one their big member who is also one of them. A direct statement from one of the residents of the area narrated what led to the shootout between the police and the cult members. “They were told by the police to stop shooting up into the air but they didn’t pay attention. It got to the extent that the police couldn’t bear it, and they started shooting”.

This is too bad for our country, the security agencies who are to ensure that there is law and order are now being regarded as nothing in the country, they can no longer take enforce law and order without having issues with the civilians.