World Bicycle Day: “I Buy This Bicycle N23 40yrs Ago, and I Go Ride Am Till I Die” – Hausa Man Reveals


An Hausa Man by name Ibrahim Dan Maliki has taken to the social media to celebrate the world bicycle day, this celebration is observed every 3rd of June by the United Nations.

Ibrahim Dan Maliki riding on his 40-yr-old bicycle

The 68-year-old recounted that he bought his bicycle 40 years ago, then things were cheap and was really of high quality. Speaking further, he said that he purchased it for only N23 then but not a tyre costs almost N2,000 to change.

Ibrahim Dan Maliki enjoying his ride

Ibrahim Dan Maliki told the journalists that he has no plan of discarding it, “I go ride am till I die” – he said.

Ibrahim Dan Maliki

He highlighted that he has benefited health wise from his 40-year-old bicycle.

This clearly explains the bad state of our country’s economy. It’s quite humiliating that a bicycle that was marketed for 23 Naira only 40 years ago, is currently sold for nothing less that 20K Naira in 2021.