4 Kinds Of Women That May Not Last Long In A Marital Home


Today we are going to look through the kind of women that can’t stay or have a successful marital life.

These 4 kinds of women can’t succeed in marriage, except something serious takes place in their homes.

As the rate of complain in many marriages arises daily is very alarming,mostly the victims are women.

Below are the kinds of women that can’t honor or make a good life out of their marriage.

1) The most educated women

A woman acquiring a degree, masters, PhD, without severe prayers and seeing to their affairs then they are out,

Thier qualifications make them independent,if you visit offices in some top companies ,most high ranked women are single or divorced.

2) The most beautiful women

Though it’s often said that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” but no more because of what is really going on in the society.it takes good care and alot of attentions to make a beautiful woman to be in marriage.

They are on high demand,

Many of the beautiful ladies are single.

3) Women from rich families

Women raised under rich families,find it difficult to get married because they want same environment they grew up with, to be their marriage choice.

They want no one to advise them.

4) The anointed women of God

Most women that claimed to be called by God,have no husband or they might have divorced.no time to do house works,no time to care for their husbands,Their husbands can’t advise them, because they only listen to what the Spirit says to them.

It’s obvious that many men are their victims,but it takes understanding to bypass and live happily ever.


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