Interesting Facts About Jeff Bezos Space Trip


Here are the interesting facts about Jeff Bezos space trip.

By Oluwatomisin Amokeoja,

Exactly nine days after Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson space trip, world’s richest man Jeff Bezos also successfully launched into space on July 20.

Interesting Facts About Jeff Bezos Space Trip
Jeff Bezos

On returning to Earth, he described the experience as his “best day ever!”

In what came off like a reciprocation, Branson also congratulated Bezos on his feat, saying “Well done. Impressive! Very best to all the crew from me and all the team at Virgin Galactic.”

Here are interesting facts about Bezos’ trip to space:

•Bezos was accompanied by his brother Mark, aerospace pioneer Wally Funk, and Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen.

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•Bezos’ Blue Origin’s spaceflight system New Shepard was named in honour of NASA astronaut Alan Shepard.

•The space trip was launched at a desert near Van Horn, Texas, United States of America.

•According to statistics provided by Blue Origin, the total mission time from launch to capsule landing was 10 minutes 10 seconds.

•The crew capsule reached a maximum altitude of 351,210 feet (or 107 kilometers), with the rocket reaching a top speed of 2,233 mph during the launch.

•The trip has made Wally Funk, 82, the oldest person to fly in space, beating the record of 77-year-old Sen John Glenn who held the record from his 1998 trip.

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•Recent Dutch high school graduate Oliver Daemen, 18, now holds the record of the youngest person to launch into space, a record previously held by Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Stepanovich Titov who in 1961 attained the feat a month before his 26th birthday.

•Daeman is known as New Shepard’s “first paying customer.” He is the son of Dutch private equity firm Somerset Capital Partners CEO Joes Daemen, who paid for the seat in last month’s public auction and chose to fly Oliver instead.

•Daeman took the space of the still-anonymous $28 million winning bidder of the auction, who cited “scheduling conflicts” for postponing their flight.

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•Blue Origin will reuse the New Shepard rocket booster used to return to Earth on future launches.