IPOB To Members: Stop Buying Kenyan Goods, Patronising Kenyan Airways


IPOB has told its members to stop buying Kenyan goods, patronising Kenyan Airways.

Stop buying Kenyan goods, patronising Kenyan Airways – IPOB tells members

According to The Nation, the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Australia has charged all members of the group to boycott travelling with Kenya Airways.

Head of membership and mobilisation of the group in Australia, Kennedy Ochi, also asked members to stop patronising any product made in Kenya and all businesses dealing with Kenyans.

Ochi said IPOB’s decision was coming on the heels of Kenya’s betrayal, which allegedly led to arrest and repatriation of their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The statement also condemned what it described as criminal, illegal and undemocratic secret abduction of Kanu from Kenya to Nigeria.

IPOB Australia described the alleged repatriation of Kanu from Kenya as breach of international law, shameful and misplaced priority by the Federal Government in collaboration with Kenyan government.

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“Our leader was arrested, repatriated back to a country he does not posses its passport.

“It is our wish to notify the public that President Keyatta Uhuru of Kenya has a question to answer on the role he played in the abduction of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He betrayed our leader and must be held fully accountable for his atrocities.

“This is pure man’s inhumanity to man and he will tell all Biafrans how much he was paid to partake in this devilish act.

“We IPOB in Australia support the leadership of IPOB worldwide and our able Directorate of States (Chika Edoziem) and the head of our Media and Publicity (Emma Powerful) to categorically state that all IPOB members both home and abroad should boycott traveling with Kenya Air Line; stop patronising any product made in Kenya and all businesses dealing with Kenyans, following their country’s betrayal. The battle line is drawn.

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“Our question to the Nigeria government is will the abduction of our leader solve the continuous marginalisation of south easterners from the current political structure in Nigeria?

“Will his kidnap end the continuous killing, maiming, pillaging and havoc currently being caused by the terrorist herdsman killing our people, will it also end kidnapping and banditry in Nigeria today?

“If the present government of Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria can answer the aforementioned questions listed correctly then, we will be ready to stop our agitation.

“It is a welcome development from the Department of State Security Service out of their own conscience to finally granted our lawyer, Mr Ifeanyi Ejiofor access to meet our leader after the first appeal was denied on last Tuesday.

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“The outcome of this meeting will surely expose a lot of things and the whole world will be briefed in due course after the meeting.

“We want to state that nothing should happen to our leader while in custody. He should be well treated with dignity and respect.

“He deserves fair hearing as he faces trial and deserve justice as well.

“We want to encourage all Bifrans all over the world to be strong and brace up at this very challenging moment in the history of our march to freedom. With God on our side, Victory is assured.”


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