4 Tips To Battle Unhappiness


Here are the four tips to battle unhappiness.

4 Tips To Battle Unhappiness

Life challenges are most times beyond your control. Anxiety cannot be controlled because it is part of your nature as human. It has been discovered that you cannot be depressed without being unhappy, showing that depression is a gradual process which can be avoided if you stay happy.

Over-thinking will only diminish your health and cause you to be frustrated. You are advised to be happy not because you need to be happy but because you must be happy.

Below are the four tips to save you from being unhappy:

1. Worry Less: A worried soul is an unhappy one. Truly ‘Time wait for no man’ at the same time ‘There is time for everything. You worry too much, to feed your home, wear good clothes, live well or large, and/or be among or more than your equals. Economists say human wants are endless. Always stay happy with the little you can afford and worry less.

2. Stay away from fake friends: You need to learn how to surround yourself with true friends, fake friends are real and they can be a major cause of unhappiness because you would always be amidst them. You do not have to surround yourself with thousands of friend. If you have the KPK (Ko Por Ke) set of friends who would only be there for you in celebrated times or probably always taking you for granted, and once you need them they would chop your eyes (are unavailable), be warn.

3. Beware of Lagos Traffic: Lagos city is synonymous with traffic, especially during raining season, causing mental stress. Have you been in Lagos traffic on a flooded road or on a rainy day? If No, thank God. Yes, you can understand better.

4. Deal well with job-related stress: No man is indispensable, you should always give your best at what you do but not kill yourself. You are not a clock; you cannot continually work yourself out. You need rest so as not to be downhearted. If you think job stress cannot cost you happiness try working without taking your leave for couple of years. You are replaceable, always have that in mind.