5 Tips On How To Get Soft Lips


Here are five confirm tips on how to get soft lips.

5 Tips On How To Get Soft Lips

No matter the season, keeping your lip soft is a constant struggle and as those with perennially dry lips know, a mere lip balm is not enough to prevent the chap.

Here are single expert tip for how to get soft lips:

1. Exfoliate

Buffing away flakes can help alleviate a chapped pout and smooth out lip lines ( those grooves and cracks etched into your lips that cause even the creamiest of lipsticks to crease).

2. Hydrate

Hydration works twofold: You’ll want to coat the lips with hydrating ingredients and make sure you get enough water (the first sign of dehydration is often dry lips, in case you’re unaware). Studies have even shown that adequate amounts of water can increase dermal thickness of the skin—including the lips.

3. Use a lip mask

The skin is more permeable at night, so it’s best to seal in tons of moisture right before bed. The same rule applies to your lips: Just as you might opt for a thicker night cream to lock in moisture, apply a heavier lip mask to condition your lips all night long.

4. Don’t lick or pick at your lips

Do your best to refrain from manually peeling especially those dry, dead flakes of skin. “This delicate skin won’t heal if the dry parts are continually picked off

Licking your lips is also not as harmless as you may think: Unless there’s an occlusive on top to trap in the water, it can dry out on the surface and lead to even worse conditions.

5. Layer your lip products

This tip is for the parched lips among us (like, if your lips wither up seconds after swiping on a balm). To truly deliver moisture, you’ll want to layer your lip care.