[Video] Newborn Baby Abandon In The Rain By Mother In Calabar


By Eyo Nse,

A mother has abandoned her newborn baby in the rain in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, Brainnews can confirm.

Newborn Baby Abandon In The Rain By Mother In Calabar
Photos Of The Dead Baby.

The innocent baby was abandoned on Tuesday night, August 24, 2021 by his heartless mother at Otop Abasi Street, off IBB Way, Calabar Municipal Local Government Area of the State.

When residents discovered the baby, he was already dead.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to THE PARADISE, Emmanuel Ukpo, residents woke up to see the baby lying beside the big gutter by Akim Police Station under the rain that started on Tuesday.

He said:

“We woke up this (Wednesday) morning to see a cute baby lying in the rain and the open, dressed in white. He was covered with a blanket and lay on what looked like a car seat cover.

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“When we checked on the baby, he was already dead – probably from the cold and excessive amount of rainfall.”

He fumed at the wicked mother who committed such an act. “You didn’t abort the baby, you carry it for 9 months, go through the pains of child labour and then dumped the baby under the rain to die – that’s wickedness of the highest order,” he said.

“At least, the woman could have taken the baby to the motherless baby homes at Bateba or Uwanse or even the Police Station but she decided to end the baby’s life just like that. Who knows what that baby could have become tomorrow?,” Ukpo lamented.

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According to several reports, it can be confirm that the baby is dead. This is not the first time a newborn baby has been abandoned to die in the city of Calabar – the people of Bateba, Atimbo, Maybe Avenue can attest to that, THE PARADISE concluded.

Below is the video: