2021/2022 English Premier League Table


Premier League

P Team GP GD Pts Form
1  Man Utd 4 8 10
Won against Wolves Won against Leeds Drew with Southampton Won against Wolves Won against Newcastle
2 Chelsea 4 8 10
Lost to Aston Villa Won against C Palace Won against Arsenal Drew with Liverpool Won against Aston Villa
3  Man City 4 10 9
Won against Everton Lost to Spurs Won against Norwich Won against Arsenal Won against Leicester
4  Brighton 4 2 9
Lost to Arsenal Won against Burnley Won against Watford Lost to Everton Won against Brentford
5  Spurs 4 9
Won against Leicester Won against Man City Won against Wolves Won against Watford Lost to C Palace
6  West Ham 4 5 8
Won against Southampton Won against Newcastle Won against Leicester Drew with C Palace Drew with Southampton
7  Liverpool 3 5 7
Won against Burnley Won against C Palace Won against Norwich Won against Burnley Drew with Chelsea
8  Everton 3 4 7
Won against Wolves Lost to Man City Won against Southampton Drew with Leeds Won against Brighton
9  Leicester 4 -2 6
Lost to Spurs Won against Wolves Lost to West Ham Won against Norwich Lost to Man City
10  Brentford 4 1 5
Won against Arsenal Drew with C Palace Drew with Aston Villa Lost to Brighton
11  C Palace 4 5
Lost to Liverpool Lost to Chelsea Drew with Brentford Drew with West Ham Won against Spurs
12  Aston Villa 4 -2 4
Won against Chelsea Lost to Watford Won against Newcastle Drew with Brentford Lost to Chelsea
13  Wolves 4 -1 3
Lost to Man Utd Lost to Leicester Lost to Spurs Lost to Man Utd Won against Watford
14  Southampton 4 -2 3
Lost to West Ham Lost to Everton Drew with Man Utd Drew with Newcastle Drew with West Ham
15  Watford 4 -4 3
Won against Aston Villa Lost to Brighton Lost to Spurs Lost to Wolves
16  Arsenal 4 -8 3
Won against Brighton Lost to Brentford Lost to Chelsea Lost to Man City Won against Norwich
17  Leeds 3 -4 2
Won against Southampton Won against West Brom Lost to Man Utd Drew with Everton Drew with Burnley
18  Burnley 3 -3 1
Lost to Liverpool Lost to Sheff Utd Lost to Brighton Lost to Liverpool Drew with Leeds
19  Newcastle 4 -7 1
Won against Fulham Lost to West Ham Lost to Aston Villa Drew with Southampton Lost to Man Utd
20  Norwich 4 -10
Lost to Liverpool Lost to Man City Lost to Leicester Lost to Arsenal
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