A to Z Of Annie Idibia, Total Biography


Things You Might Not know About Annie Idibia

Annie Macauley Idibia is an actress, producer and business woman, who got married to longtime boyfriend, Tuface Idibia back in May 2, 2012 and they both, have two beautiful daughters together.

Early Life

Annie Idibia was born on the 13th of November 1984 (33 years), in the town of Eket, Akwa Ibom state. From a family of four children; three brothers and herself. Annie’s mum and dad divorced 20 years ago.

Annie grew up in Ibadan, along with her parents before they divorced 20 years ago. Her father who worked at Mobil, left them with their mum who was a full-time house wife. Annie who was born with a silver spoon,didn’t grow up with it because their father left them.

After her parents divorced, her mother got a job with Mobil,working as a cook to support the family. Thereafter, they moved to Jakande Estate, Lekki, Lagos and later moved to Thomas Estate, also on the Island. Annie lost her younger to tuberculosis at the age of 15.

Childhood Struggles

She started working, immediately after she graduated from secondary school at age 15. She worked as a sales girl, in a boutique, and two other places before she got admission to study.

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Annie also worked part time, as an undergraduate of Computer Science, at the Lagos State University when she was 18-years-old. Thereafter, she got admission into the University of Lagos,where she bagged a degree in Theatre Arts.

Her major heartbreak was when her parents divorced. It affected her so much while she was in secondary school,but her mum tried her best to make life meaningful for them.

Annie proved to be a good daughter, by assisting her mother in her shop,which was very close to their house, after school,continuously working to make ends meet.

She has however, reconciled with her father after much pressure from her mum. Now, they all have a good relationship with their father.


Before her fame as a well-known Nollywood star, Annie took on any acting and modelling jobs, that came her way. Receiving from ₦2000 to ₦5000 in fees, she never lost hope and continued to search for her spot. Some of her more famous employers included KC Jabari and Dakova.

Her first chance to show her face, in a relatively big thing, happened when she appeared in a music video, of her then-boyfriend, now-husband, 2face Idibia African Queen in 2004. The video was very popular back in the day, and now has more than 7 million views on YouTube. 2face African Queen gave her a taste of stardom, and Annie realized that she wanted more. Right before her movie star career was about to start, Annie Macaulay-Idibia, also participated in a beauty pageant called Queen of All Nations, where she took the third position.

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She starred in her first Nollywood movie in 2009. Since then, her resume has included more than ten films, some of which were her famous roles, in the movies like Blackberry Babes and Pleasure and Crime. Even though her acting career is shorter than that of the other famous Nollywood actors, it did not stop her. She managed to grab a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 2009 at the Best of Nollywood, and secured a win at the 2016 African Entertainment Legend Awards, where she received a Fast Rising Actress prize.

Marriage Life

She met her husband Tuface in 1999 and they started dating in 2002. Their relationship was constantly plagued with 2face’s cheating scandals. Though, there were times they had differences during courtship but the bond they shared and love for each other took them to the altar.

She has 5 step-children: Zion Idibia (born in January 2006), Nino Idibia (born in April 2008), Rose Idibia, Justin Idibia and a son who’s name is unknown (born in April 2012).

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She gave birth to her 1st child, a daughter Isabella Idibia, in December 2008 and her second, Olivia Idibia in January 3rd 2014.


Annie has starred in various movies since the beginning of her career and now owns her hairline ‘BeOlive’ along with an international studio in Atlanta.

She is the CEO of BeOlive wig and hair extension company, and she has her own line of fake cruelty-free eyelashes ‘Lashed by Annie Idibia’. Mrs Idibia also owns a hair salon in Atlanta, Georgia.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Annie has founded a non-profit organization called Annie Idibia Care Foundation. Its purpose is to help young women prepare for adult life and to teach them how to be active and responsible citizens. In addition to all that, she also signed an endorsement deal with SlimTea Global (a line of slimming teas).