FINALLY REVEALED: Real Reason Females Celebrate ‘No Bra Day’ #NoBraDay


It has been revealed why the females celebrate No Bra Day on October 13 annually.

‘No Bra Day’ is celebrated on October 13 yearly in respect to breast cancer awareness.

The #NoBraDay is one of the top trendings on popular social media platforms in Nigeria. Today, women are encouraged to leave their homes with “No Bra.”

Real Reason Females Celebrate 'No Bra Day' #NoBraDay

When is No Bra Day Celebrated?

No Bra Day is an annual celebration scheduled for every October 13. Prior to now, the No Bra Day was celebrated on July 9, 2011. After three years, it was moved to October 13.

No Bra Day celebration date was moved to October 13 for a reason.

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In the world of females, the month of October is one of the special and important months because it is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month when organisations with breast-related missions lead campaigns and events to promote a cause.

#NoBraDay is scheduled for October 13 to educate women about their choice for reconstruction when undergoing a mastectomy.

Mastectomy is a surgical operation to remove a breast. Notably in instances of breast cancer.

When was No Bra Day first celebrated?

The first celebration of #NoBraDay was traced to October 19, 2011, as a medical event named BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day.

Why is No Bra Day Trending Today?

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#NoBraDay is trending all thanks to social media just as anything can easily go viral.

Women are encouraged to post pictures of themselves with no bra on social media platforms using the #NoBraDay.

Is the Idea of No Bra Day Erotic?

Anyway, perception is reality. And everyone can not have the same view of the same subject.

Some people see the celebration has been too erotic because according to them, it encourages women to expose their body.

Some even see the #NoBraDay as belittling a serious condition (breast cancer).

According to experts, the case of breast cancer is poorly documented in Nigeria and most developing countries.


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