7 Things That Must Always Be In An Ideal Woman’s Bag


By Unyime Michael,

Who is an ideal woman?

An ideal woman is a woman who is beautiful and feminine, one who is fully aware of her materialistic and social responsibilities.

7 important things in an ideal woman’s bag

1. Deodorant: you should always put on a body spray before going into public places, meetings, gatherings etc. You wouldn’t want to welcome people with smells of sweat on you so therefore you should always have your spray in your bag so you can use it when you feel the need to.

2. A portable charger: honestly we spend so much time on our phones and the battery tends to drain quite quickly. You should always carry a portable charger with you so that you can charge your phone once your battery gets low. Don’t allow your phone to shut down on you.

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3. A jotter and a pen: there are times that we have this promising ideas in mind and then see the need to put it down on a jotter lest we forget. Even while attending lectures or meetings, there are points we always have to jot down.

4. Hand sanitizer and mask: due to the outbreak of covid 19, carrying a portable hand sanitizer and a nose mask is extremely important in keeping yourself and other people around you safe.

5. Wallet: it useful to have your wallet in your hand bag to keep your cash and loose change organized. You can also keep your identification card and other necessary cards like ATM card in your wallet.

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6. Tampon: you wouldn’t want to be caught unaware by your cycle, so carrying a spare tampon will keep you prepared at all times. Hormones can go a wry, so it’s good to be prepared with feminine products at hand.

7. A lip balm: the lips gets dry and chapped easily. Keep a small tube of lip balm in your hand bag so you can always keep your lips moistened and smooth.


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