Four Unusual Ways To Get A New Job


Here are the four unusual ways to get a new job.

According to a Nigerian, SundayNightGist while sharing his experience, he wrote;

Four Unusual Ways To Get A New Job

One of the reasons you can’t seem to get a job is because you’re doing what every other person is doing- submitting your CV (applications) and hoping that one day, they would call you. Bad strategy! In fact, that method is tired already. Too many people in that queue.

Do this instead:

1. Do your research VERY WELL. Know who is who in that company. But more importantly, know who is the most instrumental in giving out jobs. I mean who can have a final say in giving you a job in that company? Know how your presence in the company can add value to them.

2. Mail or call your prospective employer or that key figure in the company directly. Call the contacts displayed on their company website to ask for this key figure’s contact. Or message this person directly on LinkedIn. Nothing works like having a personal touch with the most important person in the process of getting your desired job. Please before you do this, you must be very sure you have the competence (adequate skill) to do that job. You’re calling (please do not text) or mailing to make a case for yourself, stating why you think you’re best suited for the job and also, possibly, to get an appointment for an interview.

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3. If step 2 above fails, get a mutual contact to put in a good word for you at the company in question. We all have somebody who knows somebody who may know somebody in that company we are looking to work in. Check your LinkedIn connections, scan your group of friends, relatives, the WhatsApp groups you belong to, any interest group you belong to, past employers… There should be a possible link somewhere, somehow. You never can tell, just stretch the possibilities that this link exists. Once you find this link, simply ask him or her to help you convince your prospective employer that you’re the best talent there is for that particular job. And if there’s no current job opening, think of how you can fit into the company and sell them a new role by showing them why they would be needing one- the one you’ll be occupying.

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4. Show up at the office in person anyways

The proof of desire is pursuit. So whether steps 2 and 3 above worked or not, still go to the office of that company after making several attempts to get the attention of the key figure. Show up at their office and ask to have a face-to-face with this fellow. If they ask whether you have an appointment (most won’t), tell them you have an important message to deliver to so-and-so and you would rather do it in person. The essence of this step is to get a chance to sell yourself in person. If you’re really good, you should land an immediate appointment for an interview this way.

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I applied steps 1,2 and 4 to get my first job. I applied step 3 to get my second job.

NOTE: The above four steps work best with small-to-medium-sized -companies where it is relatively easy to have access to key figures in the company.

All the best with your job search.


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