[PHOTOS] Agency Demolishes Houses In Lagos


Agency has demolished houses in Lagos State, Brainnews has gathered.

According to a report by The Nation, some men suspected to be officials of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) led the demolition of some buildings in Abule Ado near the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

Agency Demolishes Houses In Lagos

They came with security men, who provided cover for the officials who carried out the demolition.

About 10 buildings were affected during the exercise.

Some neighbours told The Nation that the officials came in the early hours for the operation.

The demolition, it was learnt, started at around 6am yesterday.

The buildings affected were situated inside the Stone Water Estate and Ado Royal Garden Estate, Abule Ado.

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The Nation gathered from neighbours that the buildings were on the Right of Way (RoW), and that the government intends to construct roads in the areas where those houses were built.

Some houses in the area were said to have been marked for demolition and given a 21-day evacuation notice.

But the demolition, they said, affected houses not marked for demolition.

A member of Maranatha Prayer Ministry, Jude Nkanebe, said he was called at about 8:30am that the ministry has been demolished, adding that the ministry was not marked for demolition, and therefore was not informed or served with any paper or document regarding evacuation or demolition.

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Agency Demolishes Houses In Lagos