8 Nigerian-Americans Win Seats In The U.S. Midterms Elections


Eight Nigerian-Americans has won seats in the United States Midterms elections.

President Muhammadu Buhari has congratulated eight Nigerian Americans on their victory in the United States midterm elections.

In Georgia State, Segun Adeyina (D-House District 110), Gabe Okoye(D-House District 102), Solomon Adesanya (D-House District 43), Tish Naghise (D-House District 68), and Phil Olaleye (D-House District 59) won their legislative seats as State Representatives in their Districts.

Similarly, Carol Kazeem (D) won the Pennsylvania State Representative in District 159 while Esther Agbaje (D-F-L) was re-elected as Minnesota State Representative in District 59B.

Dr Adeoye Owolewa (D) was also re-elected to the U.S. House of Representatives (Shadow Representative) in Washington D.C.

Buhari, who prayed for their successful tenure in office, thanked them for their invaluable support and partnerships, over the years, with groups affiliated with the ideals and objectives of Nigerians in Diaspora associations in the United States.

The president also restated his unflinching support for every Nigerian excelling at home and abroad.

According to him, compatriots who succeed in good causes are assets to the nation and the continent, noting that their contributions will always be remembered and celebrated.

These Nigerian Americans won their elections in Georgia last night . A hearty congrats to them all #ProudlyNigerian

Congratulations to Segun Adeyina , Gabe Okoye ,Solomon Adesanya ,Tish Naghise,Phil Olaleye ,Carol Kazeem,Oye Owolewa and Esther Agbaje.

8 Nigerian-Americans Win Seats In The U.S. Midterms Election