Lady Killed, Dumped By Roadside In Anambra State (Photos)


According to a report, a lady has been killed and dumped by roadside in Anambra State.

Residents of Anambra State woke up yesterday morning to find the body of a lady, killed and dumped by the roadside in Amaechi Road, close to Nnewi Town.

The identity of the deceased could not be ascertained as some residents told reporters that the lady was not living in the area because her face was unknown.

According To WhatsApp chat, the young lady was murdered and dumped by unknown people, in the night.

It was learnt that the lady might have visited the area for an undisclosed mission before she might have been killed and dumped there.

There is no trace of any part of her body missing, the cause of her death still remains a mystery to the residents.