12 Signs A Nigerian Lady Has Friend-Zoned You


Zikoko have listed the twelve (12) signs that shows that a Nigerian lady has friend-zoned you.

Friend zone aka the “you will never be bae zone” should have a lot of warning signs for would-be occupants of the zone. See, we are the good guys and know just how painful it is to be cast into that zone.

1. When she tells you she isn’t ready for a relationship then goes on to date someone else two weeks later.


12 Signs A Nigerian Lady Has Friend-Zoned You

2. If she says “God forbid” and makes this face whenever the topic of both of you being in a relationship comes up.

Yup! She is highly disgusted by the idea of dating you.

3. When you suddenly become her brother or any member of her family.

Sorry, bro!

4. Are you helping her pick dresses for dates with other guys?

As per chief stylist.

5. Or has she called you her “best bestie in the whole world”.


6. When she replies “Awww” after you just sent her a 3-paged epistle on how beautiful she is.

Eh yaa !

7. When she starts to tell you of a guy that she likes and that guy isn’t you.

So much evils.

8. Or she tells you she wishes to find a guy like you.

But still refuses to make you her bae.

9. When she tweets “I am single to stupor” and you guys have been talking for almost a year.

Very tragic!

10. And she feels really comfortable telling you all the gross things like how bloody her period feels like.

Dis tew much. Forreal.

11. When she starts asking you for relationship advice.

Because, you are Dr Phil and bestie rolled in one.

12. And when she refers to you as the guy she could have kids with if she happens to be unmarried at 40.

Why not now please?


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