2023 Election: States In Nigeria With The Highest Number Of Registered Voters

States In Nigeria With The Highest Number Of Registered Voters
Pic.49. Voters voting at the Nomadic Primary School, Polling Unit , at Tudun-Fulani , during the FCT Area Council at Bwari Area Council in Abuja on Saturday (9/03/19).
02036/9/3/2019/Sumail Ibrahim/JAU/NAN

Here are States in Nigeria with the highest number of registered voters.

According to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC around eight million young Nigerians successfully finished the recently finished Continuous Voter Registration process.

The data from INEC would seem to support the claim that the youth population will play a key role in the outcome of the upcoming elections.

A list of 12,298,944 people who had already started registering and 10,487,972 new registrants were both released by the INEC.

Lagos (7,155,920 registered voters)

Lagos, with 6.57 million residents, is the state with the highest number of voters who have registered for the 2019 elections. As a result of having the most completed registrations, the state kept the lead throughout the CVR exercise (585,629). Out of Nigeria’s 36 states, it now has the most voters registered, with a total of 7.15 million.

Kano (6,026,850 registered voters)

After the CVR process, Kano State, which was in second place behind Lagos in 2019 as expected, kept that position. Throughout the current registration process in the state, a total of 569,103 finished voter registrations have been noted. At 6.02 million, Kano now has more registered voters than it did in 2019 (5.45 million).

Kaduna (4,411,723 registered voters)

After the CVR for the most votes cast, Kaduna, which had placed third in 2019, continued to be third. The State reported 479,231 completed registrations during the recently finished operation, according to figures from INEC. 4.4 million persons were registered to vote before the 2019 elections, an increase of 3.93 million from the previous count.

Rivers (3,689,197 registered voters)

In the South-South region, Rivers State led all other states in the number of registered voters with more than 3.5 million. According to the CVR, there are now 3.68 million registered voters in the State, a rise of 473,924.

Katsina (3,570,740 registered voters)

Katsina, in the northwest of Nigeria, has one of the highest voter turnout rates in 2019. There were 3.2 million voters who had registered. According to the closed CVR, a total of 340,510 individuals have additionally applied for voter identity cards as of August 1, 2022, which might be interpreted as a sign that state inhabitants are politically informed. There are currently 3.57 million registered voters in the State as a result.


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