Blue Water Coming Out Of South African Taps (Photos, Video)

Blue Water Coming Out Of South African Taps (Photos, Video)

According to reports, Blue Water is coming out of South African taps.

A Johannesburg resident was shocked when she opened her tap only to find blue water coming out of the tap.

The incident happened on Monday while most areas were under water restrictions.

Speaking to IOL, Ntombi said the blue water eventually stopped coming out.

“Joburg Water has reached out and they will come assess the situation,” she said.

Joburg Water spokesperson Puleng Mopeli said they managed to obtain the address of the complainant and sent a request to their lab to take samples.

“It is suspected to be copper from the building. However, we will confirm once the results are issued from the lab which will be 24 hours after the samples have been tested,” said Mopeli.

Earlier, Johannesburg Water warned residents that parts of the city may experience low water pressure from their taps, with the possibility of no having water in some areas due to low levels in reservoirs.

A power failure at the Eikenhof pump station over the weekend limited water supplies in the city’s western districts.

According to Johannesburg Water, City Power has finished making repairs at the pump station, and pumping is now operating at full capacity.


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