Breaking News In Nigeria This Night, Saturday, January 21st, 2023


[Photos] 17 Passengers Crushed To Death As AKTC Bus Somersaults In Akwa Ibom State

According to reports, 17 passengers has been crushed to death as AKTC bus somersaulted in Akwa Ibom State. Seventeen passengers were crushed to death in a fatal accident involving an 18-seater bus belonging to CONTINUE READING

Photos Of 12 Politicians Caught Sleeping In Public

Sleeping is a natural phenomenon and this can be caused oftentimes when someone doesn’t get enough sleep over an elongated period of time. Several Nigerian politicians and even those abroad have been caught on camera sleeping which is most likely as a result of stress from CONTINUE READING

Photos Of Badly Printed New Naira Notes

Here are pictures of badly printed new Naira Notes. Twitter user, Nwa Maziii aka ebbynon1 shares pictures of CONTINUE READING


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