Six Lies Nigerian Car Dealers Tell Prospective Buyers


Six Lies Nigerian Car Dealers Tell Prospective BuyersHere are the six lies Nigerian Car dealers tell prospective buyers.

Some of the 3 phrases car dealers use to deceive prospective buyers

1. Na woman use am

Bro na wash. I have fallen for this trick once and I will never fall again. It is believed that women don’t use cars rough or women drive delicately so the car must still be in a good shape. That is a lie. Women are the worse car user and I say this with no apology. They don’t pay attention to dashboard warnings, they don’t check their fluids and this often lead to a damaged engine or a burnt gasket. If you see a car used by a woman for a long time, just check if the engine has been opened. My claims here are backed by my experience.

2. Direct Belgium standard

Another Big lie here. Once you have serviced your car with Nigerian oil, never call that car Direct Belgium standard. Driving your car on Nigerian road for 6 months is equal to driving it abroad for 3 years. Don’t fall for this trick. Ensure you check well.

3. AC just needs gas toping/Small leakage

Just be ready to buy compressor and condenser. All those lies are not necessary. Some dealers also Intentionally tamper with the AC to hide an ailing engine. They know you will see how bad the engine is when you run the AC.

4. Distress sale

If you want to sell your car on distress, you take it to Ladipo or apo and sell immediately at half the worth. Why would you tell me a distress sale Corolla is going for 2.5Million. bro how much be new one.

5. Japa sales

Just like distress sales, if you want to sell because of japa please take your car to a car stand. They will buy it sharp sharp.

6. The owner wants to see the alert before releasing the original Papers

You don buy Gbese. Either the custom papers are fake or it does not have at all. Some dealers will even show you electronic copies but it’s all a strategy.