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INEC Under Fire For Giving Certificate Of Return To ‘Wrong Person’ In Ogun State (Photos)

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State said INEC was wrong to have presented the Certificate of Return in Ikenne State Constituency to somebody who has withdrawn from the race before the CONTINUE READING

Kenneth Okonkwo Confirms Audio Of Peter Obi And Oyedepo’s Conversation

Kenneth Okonkwo Confirms Audio Of Peter Obi And Oyedepo's Conversation

Firstly, the context of the conversation was aptly put by Bishop Oyedepo when he said “All Nigerians have equal stake in this nation, nobody has the right to claim that he is dashing something to CONTINUE READING

Strange Yam Looking Like Hand Harvested In Ekiti State (Photos)

The odd looking yam which could be described as something from a horror movie looked more like the left hand of a giant of some sort, while some people were rebuking and forbidding the odd shape, some elders in the village stated that it could be linked to the CONTINUE READING