[PHOTOS] Man Rams Car Into Ant Hill After Dropping Off Girl At UNICAL Female Hostel


A man has rammed his car into an ant hill after dropping off a girl at UNICAL female hostel.

According to a report by CONVERSEER, a young man has rammed his Lexus (sedan) vehicle into an ant hill after dropping off a girl at the Female Hostel of the University of Calabar (UNICAL).

It was gathered that the incident occurred on Wednesday (April 26) evening at about 5:00pm, close to the UNICAL Kitchen.

According to an eyewitness, Jamie Suns, the driver drove into the ant hill formed around a dead tree after losing control.

Suns said the Lexus, suspected to be IS 250 was badly damaged but no serious injury was sustained by the victim.

“A guy dropped a lady in front of the female’s hostel and just as he moved from the point, he missed control and hit a tree close to UNICAL Kitchen.

“The car was damaged but we give glory to God as no injury was sustained”, Suns said.

Another eyewitness, Emmanuel Ephraim said: I was actually in front of this car when it crashed. If not for the anthill, I would have been a victim. How many of you saw a guy with an orange hoodie? That was me”.

Some said the crash was loud that it caused stirs in the hostel community.

“The crash was really loud that everyone in the hostel was shouting. I was in my room when I heard it but didn’t go down. It’s like the girl broke the guy’s heart, so, he drove away with sorrow,” said Peace Ndoma.

It was further learned that the guy purchased the vehicle less than a month ago.

A car dealer, Denis Odama who claimed he sold the car to the young man said: “We sold this car to him just this week. I remember telling him not to enter the road yet because I saw he’s still a fresh learner”.