What Fulani Herdsmen Did To My Friend’s Father In Ogun State – Nigerian Man (Photos)


A Nigerian man, Steeltrust has narrated What Fulani Herdsmen did to his friend’s father in Ogun State.

Below is what he wrote;

“My friend fathers was attacked in ogun state in his farm last week. The old man was marched with cutlass, it was only God that save his life. The matter was reported to the police and they came all the way from Abuja and said there’s nothing they can do.

Imagine in this tech era embarassed Nigeria police said there’s nothing they can do. He’s farm scattered, all his hard work for months destroyed and they still want to kill him just because he told them not allow their cow destroy his cassava farm.

Where re we going in this country. Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb and a lot of people don’t know.”