7 Best Dressed Nigerian Pastors (Photos)


Pulse has listed the seven (7) best dressed Nigerian pastors.

1. Paul Adefarasin: Paul Adefarasin is the lead pastor of House on the Rock. His physique and looks make the outfit he wears fit him better. A look through his Instagram, Adefarasin’s favourite looks are formal wears (suits and shirts) and natives.

Sometimes he switches it up and wears casual shirts and trousers.

2. Emmanuel Iren: Emmanuel Iren is the lead pastor of Celebration Church International. He wears the most impeccable suits, the fitting, the style, and designs are always trendy. He also wears kaftans, but you must give it up for his well-tailored suits.

3. David Oyedepo: The founder of Living Faith Church makes daddy suits or old-fashioned three-piece suits look cool. He switched up his look recently and started wearing all-white suits and shoes. That distinct fashion and personal style lands him on a best-dressed list.

4. Chris Oyahkilome: Chris Oyahkilome is the founder of Chris Embassy (Believer’s Love world), he is on this list because he started the trend of men relaxing their hair. That is the definition of a style icon.

5. Sam Adeyemi: Sam Adeyemi is the Lead Pastor of Daystar Bible Church and with his fashion sense, he exudes simplicity. With Adeyemi, the beauty in simplicity is obvious and that’s why we stan.

He never does anything over the top, he is always on suits and for his T.V program he wears simple work shirts.

6. Chris Okotie: The founder of Household of God Ekklesia just like the other Chris is known to perm his hair. He is also usually wears military-like suits and bright outfits. He definitely has his own style.

7. Tunde Bakare: One great thing about the overseer of the The Latter Rain Assembly (End-Time Church) is that his suits and native attires are impeccable and always fits!


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