Five Things You Will Miss When You ‘Japa’ From Nigeria

Five Things You Will Miss When You ‘Japa’ From Nigeria

Vanguard has listed the five (5) things that you will miss when you Japa from Nigeria.

‘Japa’, a lingo in Nigeria for deliberate exit from the country especially for greener pastures abroad, has been a constant happening over the last few years with students, professionals and partners forming the chunk of those fleeing its shores.

As enticing as the idea of being in a relatively ‘better’ country is, the experiences of people who have left have continued to prove that truly ‘there is no place like home.’
Taking a look at the diverse peculiarities of Nigeria, here are five things you will miss if you find yourself abroad.

1. Nigerian Foods

Food is peculiar to every country. And Nigeria, with its plethora of ethnic groups, has a slew of foods its citizens don’t joke with. From Amala, to Akpu, Ogbono, Bread and Beans down to Moi Moi, these are foods that are dear to every Nigerian, and no amount of civilization can unplug the relish for these foods.

The moment you are leaving the shores of the country, you are as well leaving behind these ‘unique’ delectables whose tastes are never the same even when taken outside of their place of origin (Largely because they’re transported to other markets with lots of additives that change the organic tastes).

2. Weather

If there is a thing in Nigeria that is highly underappreciated, it is the weather. Nigerians in the diaspora have always expressed their struggles with the frosty weather abroad, and how much they miss the cozy and friendly weather in the country.

3. Family and Friends

Moving to a new country most times entails leaving behind family members and friends who you might not see for as long as your stay abroad. Though technology helps us connect beyond boundaries, the feeling of being physically around your family members and friends is matchless.

4. Owambe

Nigeria is ‘big’ on parties – and that is on period. Flamboyant, lavish, expensive, food-filled, dramatic, these features of the Owambe parties are unequaled anywhere in the world. It is one of the many things that make Nigeria exclusive, and being in the country unparalleled.

5. Free Amenities

Abroad you pay for almost everything from as high as electricity bills to as low as water bills. Their social amenities are prioritized, and it works in a way that you cannot evade paying for the bills of the amenities you use. In Nigeria, water bills are scarce as almost everyone has their own system of getting water; indiscriminate parking of cars is common but can’t be dared abroad without you being ticketed.


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