[Photos] Python Killed After Swallowing Three Chickens In Their Cage

[Photos] Python Killed After Swallowing Three Chickens In Their Cage

A python has been killed after swallowing three chickens in their cage.

As narrated by a Nigerian, Mercylane who took to NL, wrote;

“My mom’s chickens have been going missing for the past few weeks now and we have been wondering what was disappearing our chickens.

At first we thought it was the omonile’s but we realised they can’t do such a thing. So we decided to wait and hope the perpetrator would meet their waterloo soon.

So today as usual, my lil sister went to open cage, only to come back shouting that there was a snake in the cage. Na so I ran out with shovel to go and see. Lo and behold, that thing in the pics below was just chilling and relaxing in the cage, after helping itself to a banquet of three chickens (two adult and one little one) as if it was waiting to digest the one’s it had eaten, so that it can continue from where it stopped. I was not comfortable with the snake because I’ve never killed snake in my life before, so we called on some guys with experience cool to come and assist us, even some Hausa guys passing by joined in, Na so we kill am ohh cool

Them ask mom c and pop c weda them go like chop when them roast and cook am finish, them sey they will rather die.. You can’t come and be swallowing chickens I took my time and energy to grow and plan to eat, and expect to go Scot free, even if Na my first time, I must chop you too.”


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