[Photos, Video] Massive Explosion Rocks Milan, Many Cars On Fire


Massive explosion has rock Milan as many cars were on fire.

A large explosion rocked Milan setting several vehicles alight in the city centre on Thursday morning.

In footage captured by Italian news channel Sky TG24, several vehicles can be seen engulfed in flames.

The blast occurred in Via Pier Lombardo at approximately 11.30am local time with a large cloud of black smoke visible from across the city.

According to Italian news publication, La Repubblica, the blast occurred from a parked van which was carrying oxygen cannisters.

The van was parked on the corner of the street and sparked a chain reaction setting five vehicles ablaze, according to reports.

The fire also spread to a nearby pharmacy and apartment building.

Mobile phone footage shot at the scene showed crowds of people gathering around the incident in the Porta Romana neighbourhood of the city before police arrived to cordon off the area.

According to reports, a nearby school, the Istituto Suore Mantellate, and a residential building were evacuated following the blast.

The fire brigade said one person had been injured. There were no reports of any deaths.

301 Military tweets:

“An explosion occurred in the center of Milan, cars are on fire.

According to preliminary information, a parked van exploded.”

UPDATE: Milan’s fire was caused by an oxygen cylinder explosion in a van, intended for the Italian Auksological Institute.

The fire spread to four parked cars, a nearby pharmacy, and apartments, with one person sustaining minor burns.


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