Rihanna Finally Reveals The Name Of Her Son (Photos)


Fans has been Shocked As Rihanna finally revealed the name of her son.

THE SUN reports that Rihanna’s baby boy’s unique name finally revealed one year after welcoming son- and fans are shocked by her inspiration

RIHANNA has finally released the name of her new son, and fans are confused by her choice.

Rihanna, 35, and her partner A$AP Rocky, 34, had their first child together almost a year ago on May 13, 2022.

The couple has another little one on the way, but until today the name of their first son was unknown.

The Daily Mail reported the name of Rihanna’s child after they obtained his birth certificate.

The almost-one-year-old is named RZA Athelston Mayers.

He’s apparently named after the producer and rapper RZA- who is also the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Up until this information dropped, the boy’s name was presumed to be Noah.


Fans rushed to social media after the baby’s name dropped online, and many are shocked and confused about the inspiration behind the name.

One fan on Twitter said, “Not Rihanna naming that baby after a Wu-Tang Clan, I can see why she tried to keep it secret.”

Another was in full denial, “Now I know d**n well Rihanna ain’t name that baby that…”

A third tweeted, “This is the most Caribbean name I’ve seen in a long time. Lmfao.”

“I know Rihanna let A$AP pick that damn name. She really in love,” said another.


She already has homes in Barbados and Los Angeles, and now Rihanna is eyeing up a new place in Paris.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed the pregnant superstar secretly viewed properties in the French capital in April — but opted to do it between 3am and 5am to avoid being spotted.

She was joined by A$AP Rocky for tours around two luxury properties in the 16th Arrondissement, near the Arc de Triomphe, including a ­spacious home with a garden.

One of the properties is on the market for more than £2.6million, so they ­certainly aren’t scrimping.

A source said: “Rihanna wants her kids to be able to see the world — and what better way than to have homes all over the place?

“They went under the cover of darkness so they could tour the houses in peace and without a rush.

“It was a bit of an inconvenience for the team showing them around, but given it was for Rihanna, no one was complaining.

“The houses they are viewing are gorgeous but their main concern is really good security and an ­amazing location.

“They won’t spend their money on any old place, but they would like to get a deal done sooner rather than later so that it’s ready for the next time the family is in town. Rihanna’s due date is fast approaching but she has loved her getaway to France and can’t wait to return.”


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