[Video] Nigerians Use Study To Gain UK Entry – Emdee Tiamiyu


Emdee Tiamiyu has said that Nigerians use study to gain UK entry.

Nigerian YouTuber, Emdee Tiamiyu, who specialises in helping Nigerians relocate to the United Kingdom, disclosed that Nigerians migrating to the UK use schooling as a ploy to gain entry into the country.

Tiamiyu made this known in an interview with BBC which went viral on Tuesday.

He said, “So the student thing is not real. It is not like they need the degrees.

“They need the degree as an access road to come into the country, so a lot of this people their priorities shifted real fast.”

The video went viral after the UK enacted a law that will prevent Nigerian students, and others studying in the UK, from bringing family as dependents except under specific circumstances.

Under the new rule, which will take effect January 2024, the UK will remove the permission for international students to switch out of the student route and into work routes before their studies have been completed to prevent misuse of the visa system.


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