10 Things You Probably Missed In The Movie, Jagun Jagun


Here are the 10 things you probably missed in the movie, Jagun Jagun.

The allure of power often makes us overlook our values. Such was the story of Jagun Jagun, the film by Femi Adebayo, featuring Lateef Adedimeji, Gbotija, as a young man who became the servant of Ogundiji, the fearsome warrior. In his quest to hold on to love interest and also gain power, he unleashes his demons and lost almost everything.

Afromnia brings these top things you might have missed in the film Jagun Jagun. Some of these things were brought to the forefront by social media users and critics.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

10 Things You Probably Missed In The Movie, Jagun Jagun

1. To start with, do you know that Oba Solomon was in Jagun Jagun. Who is Oba Solomon, then watch this video!!!! He was also a King here over Aje Village (Ilu Aje).

2. Aside Ogunjimi and the kings, every other person had their head skinned (Fadon)

3. Jimi Solanke was the voice of the narrator. Now, you must have seen him in Kongi’s Harvest or Sango.

4. It’s funny how the name of Jagun’s Wife wasn’t used throughtout the movie…

5. While there might have been several notable cameos like Odunlade starting the movie and Ibrahim Chatta ending it, you might have missed Niyi Johnson (Toyin Aimaku’s ex) acting the role of soldier Odunlade Adekola sent to get the crown. Yeah! That was him.

6. One cannot overlook how the Baobab tree (Igi Oshin) tried stopping Gbotija from going to school of Warriors. Was the tree

7. It’s only Kings that are not using Ogundiji as their war machine are the only ones defeated in wars (the kingdom of Aje, Iwon and others).

8. Another foreshadow was when Kitan told Gbotija that he shouldn’t say ‘Agemo should kill him’ (this happened after he defeated Gbogunomi, and he was scared of the next test)

9. Wehinwo can be spotted giving a tired soon-to-be Ogundiji’s warrior water at the entrance of the school gate. It’s this same kindness that resulted in his death.

10. Gbogunmi did with the “Things Fall Apart” line “This boy calls me father, I’m not suppose to have a hand in his death”