Wura Season 2: What Happens Next?


The potential plot twists to explore in Wura Season 2, Enitan Abdultawab writes.

My father didn’t pass away; he was killed. You killed my father — Tumininu

This line is one of the highlights of the popular Showmax series, Wura. It is the bone of contention, drawing in the minds of viewers to the image of a devil that will soon be cast to hell. But in a rather shocking turn of events, the devil appeared to be the one casting the victim to hell as seen in the foreshadowing.

Climaxing Season 1 in its 100 episode, Wura, which first debuted on January 26, 2023 after screening at the palace of the Ooni of Ifẹ̀, Osun being the location of the series, thrilled viewers with compelling and suspenseful episodes from start to finish.

Off the movie already, lead and eponymous character, Scarlet Gomez, who played the character Wura, earned a nomination in the recent AMVCA Awards event in what is a big win and pure attestation to the quality of the series.

What next?

Having seen compelling scenes and acts embellished with shocking twists, thought-provoking dialogues and purging catharsis in the first episodes, a lot is bound to unfold in the coming season. As for Wura and her plots to end the saga unscathed, it remains to be seen whether that will indeed happen, especially given that the foreshadowing showed Wura strapping Tumi to a chair inside a desolate building before setting it ablaze. Not to mention that Wura herself pointed a gun to her head after that scene.

‘What will happen’ is unavoidably a question on the lips of viewers with expectations to be derived from the plot the first season unwrapped. First is how exactly did Wura manage to pull more stunts to navigate her ways into the ‘climax’ of the series? Second is what becomes of Tony who has mixed feelings trusting his wife? There is also Fola who is hellbent on taking his pounds of flesh back from Wura. Dimeji who was pinned with a child that is not his; would he eventually discover? Will Aunty Labake ever find out that Wura killed her son, Femi? The questions are endless as with the expectations. But then, what are the potential plot twists the producers could explore:

Omolara cannot just vanish

If there is someone to knot the puzzle in this series, you won’t put it past Jeje’s mother. As much as Omolara exists, viewers can turn their heads towards her to knot the puzzle in the series. She might not be the mother-angel every child deserves for a proper upbringing as she does have her own flaws — partying, drinking, smoking and even lying to save herself. When she becomes a thorn in Wura’s flesh, the former does not hesitate to poison her snuff.

But she just cannot vanish, you want to reckon. She might as well pop up someday to unearth the myriad of skeletal bones Wura has locked up in her cupboard.

Who is Jeje’s father?

Has this question ever crossed your mind? If yes, then ask yourself again and think about it. A mainstay in Jeje’s life is that he suffers a lack of parental care at childhood and it takes a toll on him. First, his mother does not care for his upbringing and speculation hovers around who his father is. But then, what about Jeje’s mother’s reaction when the news of Pa Kuti is broken to him at Paulina’s bar? She sure seems to know him but she shooed away further enquiries from Paulina. Her roaming nature might have bumped into Pa Kuti in their early days and Jeje might have been the result. It will be a great revelation indeed because Jeje will relive Wura thumping the head of his father with a stone.

Chill; we will see.

The Magic Letter

If there is one recurring factor that keeps Wura on her feet to avert doom on herself, it is Jeje’s carelessness. Jeje’s successful imitation of Femi’s handwriting is a laudable trick and it eventually gets Wura out of prison after Tumi publicly accused her. The original letter — which has the details of Femi’s escapades with those after his life — cannot just vanish into thin air. After all, there isn’t a scene that shows Jeje destroying it. Once again, this loose end could turn out to be Wura’s undoing.

Wura tries to murder her own daughter

An avid viewer will by now know that Tumi is Wura’s long-forsaken daughter. Wura’s wealth was birthed after years of penury and she reveals she had dumped a child somewhere. The image glints in her head when she drives Pa Kuti to the river. Pa Kuti, on the other hand, reminisces how he had picked up a child at the same spot in the previous scene.

So, Wura’s ruthlessness is further confirmed when she sets Tumi ablaze. That scene will be after a realisation that Tumi is indeed the forsaken daughter. So, even after all these years, Tumi is not in Wura’s plan(s). Why this is so, is what nobody knows.

Dimeji returns to Tumi

One of the frauds in this series is Jeje luring Dimeji to own the fatherly role of a child that isn’t his. Using the gentle Bisola as a tool, Jeje plans to draw the attention of Dimeji away from Tumi so he can have his way to his love interest.

As you can guess, it is highly likely we see Dimeji and Tumi engaging in their love plays again as it appears Dimeji is the only one in the whole Iperindo Tumi’s heart beats for. How the secret will be revealed, sorry; this piece doesn’t know.

Will Kanyinsola survive?

Not so many viewers will feel pity for Femi in his dealings with Wura considering how careless he goes about transacting business with the devil herself. Trying to untangle a mystery involving the elite of the society walks on the cliff of danger and tact, so carefully-planned strategies should be the measures.

Unfortunately, Femi’s life is wasted in the art.

Given this, anxiety builds on whether Kanyinsola and Fola can survive Wura? While Fola is careful, Kanyinsola proves careless. However, being the daughter of the commissioner — and Wura’s husband — somewhat gives her an edge over Wura.

What is the role of Tony’s side-chick?

Of course, every character in the cast plays an important role in driving the story towards its climax. The same is applicable to Tony’s side-chick who, on one occasion, gets entangled with him right in the heart

of his house. Whether Wura pops up on the scene remains to be seen.

There is just so much to anticipate.

Till the next episodes, let’s just keep our fingers crossed.