5 Nigerian Musicians Who Couldn’t Seize The Moment (Photos)

KiNg0G writes on the top five (5) Nigerian musicians who couldn’t seize the moment.

I’m not here to criticize anyone, but as a music lover and a pro analyst, we all know opportunities come in different forms.

Here is my top 5 countdown to musicians who couldn’t seize that moment when it was needed the most!!

5) Ice Prince Zamani

It’s okay to say you don’t want to rap any more. It’s okay to tell a girl you like her waste in particular, but what happens from there? We all thought this is it, zamani is back when he did that song with nasty c, jidenna and co, but dude just couldn’t seize that moment and revive his career. Instead, he went down the more.


The duo broke up due to a family dispute and later reunited to make a comeback in the Nigerian entertainment industry. We all thought they were coming back, harder due to the hype of their shows and reunion fans were happy waiting for their next banger. But like I said, 2021 on a topic that made fp that it was too late for them which I got criticized by so many people calling me names I’m not Gos but it turns out I was right. Psquare couldn’t seize the moment of their reunion to make a huge comeback and now we can hardly hear of them.

3) Victor Ad

If you nor get money wetin you gain o! The Wetin you gain crooner who came out with that single few years ago was an inspiration to the youth especially yahoo boys who wants to drive benz and live lavida loca lifestyle. The song blew all over Africa that he was featured by obo davido the next week. Victor ad really didn’t take his chances as much as I thought he would. I mean, come on take a look at Asake, he came with just a song and started bombarding the entertainment industry with several new songs topping chart’s here and there and now he has made an imprint and wont be easily forgotten.

2) Duncan Mighty

The port Harcourt first son did messed up his chances of reviving his career when he featured wizkid on fake love. That was a huge opportunity to make it back to the entertainment industry. Everyone was happy he was back.. weneee mighty don show hoping to hear more vibes with his melodious voice and, matured tunes, but he disappointed so many fans.

1) Black Face

If I was black face all this years of convincing people that my friend stole my song and made it his. I would have written another song and make a huge comeback. Black face was one musician that had Nigerian sympathy for what 2face did to him till today, all he needed was just ONE GOOD SONG to make it to the mainstream and he’s back on track grabbing awards and accolades.

This is about musicians that couldn’t seized their comeback moments When it matters the most.

Thank you!


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