How I Killed A Snake In My Living Room – Nigerian Man (Photos)

A Nigerian man has shared photos of the snake he killed in his living room.

Below is what the Nigerian man, Fred166 wrote on NL;

“Everyone should be guarded, vigilant and observant, whether you are surrounded by bush or not please be vigilant. These snakes are so creepy

By the God Grace i own my house, it’s a 2 apartment bungalow with a 3 bedroom flat each. I occupy the front flat while my tenant occupy the back flat. Everywhere in my house is neat and tiled including my compound, I’m not surrounded by bush, I even stay in an Estate but it’s still a mystery how this snake get into my house.

On my way back from work, I stopped by to pick my wife from her shop, as at 7:30 when we got home, I walked towards the small fridge in our dining room to grab some chilled beer, I noticed something fell from the cotton pole, the moment I shined the torch light, it was a black snake then it ran behind the fridge. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I shouted Jesus see snake. My wife carried my daughter and ran outside to the main gate. I could even hear her voice shouting “babe you must kill that snake, I’m not sleeping in that house if you don’t kill that snake”

Well, My tenant came to assist me and we finally killed the snake with sticks and stones. I’m a brave man

I’m so curious right now because you can’t see a cockroach or rat in my house not to talk of snake. How that snake got into my house is a mystery. My baby is almost one year and she crawls around.

Who else has experience this before? And what kind of snake is that? Is it venomous?”


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