Nigerian Vs Foreign Airport: Nigerian Man Narrates What Happened To Him

A Nigerian man has narrated what happened to him at a foreign and Nigerian airports.

Nigerian Man Narrates What Happened To Him

The Nigerian man, Idara Thompson who took to Facebook, wrote;

“A few months ago, my Air Canada flight to Quebec was delayed for three hours and while still waiting to board, it was canceled.

I got rebooked on another flight and aha, it was delayed again. By now I didn’t feel any emotions. I just waited calmly and I thought whenever they’re ready, we would go. In two hours, we were already on the way.

When I settled, I laid claims with the airline under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations and I was offered $300 for the cancelation and delays which affected my appointments. I rejected the offer and asked for $1000 in compensation. They made another offer of $500 and I did accept.

Fast forward to last month when I was in Abuja. My flight with Air Peace for 10:40am was delayed until 5:20pm. They were strategically pushing it in 40/60 minutes intervals such that you can’t leave the airport to return later. All the passengers looked helpless and frustrated. Some were cussing Onyeama and his Air Peace.

Finally, the call for boarding was made. A passenger just in front of me was still pissed. He was cussing and it led to an altercation with one of the airline staff.

“Excuse me Sir… listen to me Sir… Sir, if you repeat that statement again I will make sure you don’t board the plane.” She warned the passenger. I looked at her, completely shocked. “Is this how they treat people here?” The man became very quiet for fear of being denied boarding. Defeat was written all over his face. No sincere apology from the airline, only arrogance and threats.

“Thank God oo.” I whispered in my heart. I was thanking God I didn’t get to say what I wanted to say.

If they’d threaten to deny someone boarding for just cussing, then how about me that wanted to say that passengers deserve to be compensated? I can only imagine their reaction.

Nobody advised me to bury the thought. It left on its own. I realized that I have been corrupted by the West, and I must never think that passengers delayed for that number of hours deserve any form of compensation or sincere apology.

This time, instead of filling claims, I was just grateful that I finally got to my destination.”


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