Nollywood Movie Review: The Black Book

The Black Book (Official Trailer)

Title: The Black Book
Genre: Crime thriller
Runtime: 2h 4m

After his son is killed and framed for an uninvestigated crime, Paul Edima decides to take justice into his own hands. In the course of unraveling the mystery behind his son’s death, Paul crosses paths with a courageous journalist who is eager for a big break in her career.

I had fun watching this movie. The cast and crew did a fantastic job by skillfully bringing so many ideas together to tell Paul Edima’s story. RMD, Sam Dede, Shaffy Bello, Bimbo Akintola, and Iretiola Doyle were part of a very formidable cast that kept me glued to my screen from start to finish. I’m usually skeptical when I watch Nigerian movies with too many stars. Usually, when this happens, the dialogue and performance tend to suffer. This didn’t happen with the Black Book however. I’m in love with the characters; they were a perfect fit for the story… of course, except for Denola Grey. I believe his character would’ve been more relevant and realistic if the writing was a little different.

The plot is not as tight as I hoped but the story was told wonderfully. I was hoping on a little more emotional impact but I can let that slide considering it’s an action movie. The world building and performance of the cast did the magic for me. I enjoyed the fight scenes, locations, music and themes.

Overall delivery of this movie was beautiful, with its brilliant cinematography and outstanding directing. The little details made everything seem real. If this were a live performance, I would’ve said the stage really came alive. Lol.

The Black Book is an action-packed Netflix movie that brilliantly tells the Nigerian story of police brutality, systemic corruption and the culture of silence. There are flaws…minor and major for those checking for technicalities BUT this is a proper action/thriller movie.

The Black Book is now showing on NETFLIX.

Rating: 8.5/10


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