American Singer, Taylor Swift, Becomes A Billionaire

33-year-old American singer and song writer, Taylor Swift, has become a billionaire, Metro UK have said.

You’d think by now, Taylor Swift would have officially reached all the important career milestones – but she’s just added another one to her list.

The US singer-songwriter, 33, has reportedly reached billionaire status, joining a group only a select few are part of.

Taylor’s net worth has reached astronomical heights in recent years, with her highly successful Eras Tour being credited for skyrocketing her bank balance to 10 digits.

As reported by Bloomberg, Taylor is now worth $1.1billion (£905million), a truly incomprehensible sum.

To put that into perspective, one billion is equal to 1,000 million.

If you are trying to save up $1bn and you are able to save at a rate of $100 per day, it would take you approximately 27,397 years to reach that golden $1bn… yep.

Grammy winner Taylor – whose career has spanned 17 years – now accompanies the likes of Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey in the billionaires club.

According to Bloomberg’s analysis, $400m (£329m) of Taylor’s net worth comes from music released by her since 2019, $370m (£305m) comes from ticket sales and merchandise, and $120m (£99m) comes from Spotify and YouTube earnings.

Taylor previously engaged in negotiations with streaming platforms like Spotify over how her music is monetised, which was also monumental in the industry.

She’s also added to her discography in recent years by releasing re-recorded versions of her earlier work in Taylor’s quest to own her masters.

She has so far released ‘Taylor’s Verions’ of Fearless (2008), Red (2012), Speak Now (2010), and now 2014’s 1989, which dropped this week to high praise.

Meanwhile, Taylor also reportedly has $110m (£91m) from the current value of five personal properties, as she owns homes across New York, Los Angeles, Rhode Island, and Nashville.

American Singer, Taylor Swift, Becomes A Billionaire

American Singer, Taylor Swift, Becomes A Billionaire

American Singer, Taylor Swift, Becomes A Billionaire


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