Mmesoma And Mohbad: Why We Must Throw Away Sentiments And Seek The Truth

Mmesoma And Mohbad: Why We Must Throw Away Sentiments And Seek The Truth

Why we must throw away sentiments and seek the truth over Mmesoma and Mohbad cases.


– Why we must throw away sentiments and seek the truth

No doubt, the Mmesoma JAMB saga must still be fresh in our minds. No. I might be wrong because we seem to forget easily. The story might not be fresh in our minds so a quick recap might be necessary. Sometime in July this year, a certain 19yr old Mmesoma came out from nowhere and announced herself as the best JAMB student of her set with a score of 364 backed up with a supposed JAMB printout. She started getting all the accolades and financial gifts from both well-meaning and hypocritical Nigerians. However, it didn’t take long before JAMB countered her claim to the anger of many Nigerians who quickly called JAMB all sorts of unprintable names. Many persons in one section of the country even turned the whole issue to a tribal issue. In fact, the few (an example is myself) who disagreed with Mmesoma’s claim and supported JAMB based on clear evidence were bullied and attack.ed on social media for daring to go against Mmesoma’s claim. The girl enjoyed almost percent public opinion in the social media space and people like me who happened to be the few dissenting voices were considered evil. TYPICALLY, THE MAJORITY OF NIGERIANS FOLLOWED THE POPULAR TREND OF SUPPORTING THE YOUNG GIRL AND LAMBASTED JAMB (NOTE THAT THEY SIMPLY FOLLOWED THE TREND WHILE BULLSHITTING HARD EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY). However, we all know how the story ended. Mmesoma finally confessed her forgery and apologized and the majority of us forgave her. But one thing we all closed our eyes to was the need to tender a profound apology to JAMB for all the false accusations on the body that was simply carrying out its functions. We haven’t done that till today but that’s a discussion for another day.
Now, to the discussion of today which we all know. Mohbad died in somewhat shady circumstances on the 12th of September 2023. Immediately the majority public opinion was and is still that Naira Marley and Sam Larry should be held responsible because the late Mohbad pointed accusing fingers at them months before he d!ed. The whole internet has been agog calling for the heads of these persons so much so that anybody who dare to think or speak otherwise is considered insanely devilish. But again, while acknowledging that Naira Marley and Sam Larry as well as every other person is a suspect, I dare to differ from the public opinion with the following simple reasons.

1. When he was attacked by persons considered Marlians (Naira Marley’s followers or boys), Mohbad claimed that Naira Marley should be held responsible if he died. That is NOT enough reason at all to accuse Naira Marley. We all have seen the political thugs or supporters of many politicians attacking their principal’s opponents without the consent of their principal. Even we on social media insult and attack the opponents of our political godfathers when they didn’t send us to do so. Thus, it is not an established fact that Naira Marley sent anybody to attack or beat up Mohbad

2. Up till today, there is no video, audio or whatever evidence showing Naira Marley directly attacking or threatening Mohbad. There is however a video of Sam Larry having a confrontation with Mohbad. Evidence has however clarified that the confrontation was as a result of Mohbad failing to honor an agreement and it has since been settled. Any evidence that that matter between Sam Larry and Mohbad was not settled should be brought forward.

3. Mohbad’s hit song titled “Feel Good” was released in 2021 under Marlian Records at a time he was still a Marlian and his relationship with Naira Marley was almost perfect. In fact, there are videos of Naira Marley performing that song with him. But what’s the point I am trying to make here? In that song, Mohbad said he had plenty enemies who were trying to harm or k!ll him. For the benefit of those who don’t understand Yoruba, he fervently prayed to God in that song that his enemies who were after his life should not catch up with him. The video of the song was even people trying to k!ll him. He was MOST LIKELY NOT referring to Naira Marley and the Marlians whom he was having the best life with back then. He was obviously pointing to some other people (enemies) he had issues with. Again, in his song “Sorry”, he said his father sent him to school but he refused to attend classes and started taking drugs and joined bad gang. Yes, he said he joined bad gang even before he met Marlians. Again, nobody is talking about all these. Everybody just wants to follow the trend of calling for Naira Marley’s head.

4. Naira Marley and Sam Larry were out of the country when Mohbad d!Ed. While that is not enough reason to excuse them, why are we focusing all our attention on them without focusing equal attention on those who were with him shortly before and after he died?

5. Let’s not close our eyes to the fact that Mohbad like many youths today was taking substance. There is no evidence that Naira Marley introduced him to it as many youths today even as early as 14yrs try drugs. Is it not possible he d!Ed from a simple drug overdose?

Like JAMB in the Mmessoma saga, Naira Marley and Sam Larry have been accused by the majority WITHOUT CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE. Until they are proven guilty, they have for now suffered great loss from the bandwagon effect of unfounded public opinion which many clearly push just to trend or cunningly cash out. There is clear evidence that many celebrities are simply cashing out from the unfortunate Mohbad’s case but that’s discussion for another day.
Have I said Naira Marley and Sam Larry are innocent? Not at all. They are simply COMPLETELY INNOCENT until proven guilty.

Clearly, we have not learnt our lessons from blindly following the crowd from Mmessoma’s case. We are maybe not courageous enough to follow the evidence or we take pleasure in chasing clout. Let me conclude by saying that IF the authorities finally establish the cause of death or those behind the death of Mohbad and Naira Marley and Sam Larry are not found wanting, we have a lot of apologies to tender these guys and we should promote them with the same vigour we have used to try to bring them down.

We have till today not made any effort to repair the damage we did to the image of JAMB after Mmessoma’s case. That is not good enough. We didn’t trust JAMB in Mmessoma’s case but we were wrong. This time around, we should trust the police as they do their job instead of trusting the opinion of some halfbaked celebrities just trying to trend and earn more money from social media engagements. We all can actually do better by making use of the brain we all have. Let NOBODY use our brains for us.

Endurance Keyamo is a Development Economist and public commentator.


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