Top 5 Most Selfless Nigerian Musicians

King0g writes on the top five (5) most selfless Nigerian musicians.

It’s a regrettable tendency for musicians to believe they will stay at the top forever. So they do whatever they can to stay there, being selfish towards young and upcoming musicians with no ladder to trace to them. I’m capable of naming a few names, but unfortunately, that’s not what we’re discussing.

I have here the top 5 Nigeria musicians who accepts reality that no one stays at the top forever and they try the best they can to help striving artist into the entertainment industry with little or no monetization gain unlike some of your favorite brands who are leeches in disguise of labels owner and Godfathers.

I repeat the top 5 countdown Nigerian musicians who assisted without having to sign any papers. They did the favor out of their own freewill. SELFLESSNESS.

Here we go!!!


Top 5 Most Selfless Nigerian Musicians

Although he has been underrated for several years, the King of the South is still doing his part in the little ways he can. Several albums and EPs have been released by him in recent years, and he has always showcased upcoming artists.

upcoming artist you’ve never heard before, he promotes them through his album I can see, mostly all they do is drop hooks, chorus and he does his rap and you and I know it’s always about catchy choruses and you are like who this and Viola You be on google to know the name of the artist.. unlike most of this musician that focuses on ft big names only.. you send dm if you are not known your on a long thing…. he also introduced victor Ad into the mainstream I must say and I doubt if they are any signatures to this.


Top 5 Most Selfless Nigerian Musicians

I know this might be controversial with people claiming he had rugger on paperwork but hold on let me give you some facts on while he made it and his big bro didn’t. DPrince is one of those musicians who don’t have that mindset, ” I want to be the best” he just came to get in the spotlight with his brand and relaxed for the upcomings to carry on.

Dude is what we call a selfless helper. He is one of those who helped Wizkid early on in his career, which has led to his current status. (Kudos to wande coal too), is it also easy for someone to discover one of the hottest Afrobeat musicians claiming awards here and there internationally even though he handed it over to is brother for monetization? Dude is selfless I must say, it’s not easy for a legend in the game to have good thoughts for upcomings striving and wants their greatness. DPrince has payed his dues, I mean, take a look at some of your known legends who were there before him, and list one artist success that can be traced to them. Despite this, they continue to refer to them as a legend (lol)


Top 5 Most Selfless Nigerian Musicians

apart from his several philanthropy work davido has every right to be on my list even as a record label owner. Now here are some facts you need to know: He doesn’t necessarily need to sign any upcoming artist. He has a strategy that most American artists use, including Drake and others.

I am going to term it FREE PUBLICITY

This is a case where they jump on an upcoming artist’s song because they see and observe that it might just be the new wave in town and as an old wave it’s always necessary to remain relevant in the game no matter what. So they give the artist free promotion and introduction to the mainstream, which could be beneficial to the artist and can also lead to his downfall.

it’s more like here’s the ladder, can you climb up?


A room with candle light, and suddenly phcn brought the light on. ( Candle won’t be noticed)

This is an illustration left for you to think and understand, but still this tactic has helped so many people made it to the top but some also flopped. it’s all on the upcoming artist your work, concentration and inputs.

(example victor AD a deemed light)

This old waves also gain from this because it helps them to stay relevant if it becomes a
huge success.


Top 5 Most Selfless Nigerian Musicians

The agbalagba of the nigeria music industry, if you like call him local he remains the Godfather, the true godfather who hardly signs, who hardly put pen into paper and when he does it’s a hit but also wants the greatness of other’s in irrespective of where you are from. badoo as he is fondly call is the definition of selflessness if it was a nigeria word.

The voice of the street, while his mate people he started with were striving and still wanting to be the number one fighting for grammies, Dude sat back, came with a plan and said you all can have it. I am not about that. no top nigeria musicians has done features, favours, with upcoming artist than olamide and most. No signatures involved. how many upcoming artist has he brought to limelight? bella shurmda, zlantan ibile, portable should I go on? dude supports all the time without necessarily expecting a reward.

That’s a legend… that’s the true definition of a legend, so many artist success can be traced to him and he still does more.


Top 5 Most Selfless Nigerian Musicians

The egberipapa one of Bayelsa has every right to be on the number one spot. It’s not easy to be in the game close to 2 decades and still have upcoming in your heart. TIMAYA is an artist who does his thing, respect him self and help voluntarily without coming out to tell the public this is what I did…(no need for town crier)

I watched a video of runtown yesterday, an old video I believed first time seeing it and he said TIMAYA put him on the spotlight, tutored him at the early stage of his career. without TIMAYA he won’t have been what he is today. he stayed and record at TIMAYA house for more than a year.. now tell me if that’s an easy thing to do? to have an A list give you accolades, something majority of people don’t even know about… same thing SKALES also said when he left eme, he was depressed but TIMAYA took him in for some time before he was able to stand on his feet again.

TIMAYA made my top one because he didn’t have to give them deals, he didn’t have to feed from them, he just did those good deeds selflessly with no one knowing. So many A list artist today can be traced to him with likes of Pato ranking and the rest. Respect egbon.

Note: If your favourite isn’t here please don’t blame me..the world watches and this are my personal opinions. Your fav could be in my top 50 or might not be there at all.


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