Top Five Nigerian Musicians Who Penetrated The American Music Industry

Here are the top five Nigerian musicians who penetrated the American Music Industry.

We all know that it’s a dream of every musician to be heard globally, and once you get into the American industry, you’re almost there.

There were those who attempted, those who failed, and those who are still trying today, with the hope of being heard one day.

I am presenting you with the top 5 countdown Nigerian musicians who have successfully penetrated the American industry and achieved global recognition.

Once again I repeat top 5 So whoever you think should be here might be in my top 50.. thank you.


Top Five Nigeria Musicians Who Penetrated The American Music Industry

We all know when Wizkid started 2009/2010 signed by Banky W we always knew he was a star. I mean the freestyle he did on Tim Westwood TV still remains one of the best ever done by an African artist till date. he went on to feature drake, Chris Brown and even wrote for some of them. Wizkid penetrated deep I must say for selling 02 arena several times even if it’s London but he has penetrated into the america spotlight with undying love from fans home and abroad.


Top Five Nigeria Musicians Who Penetrated The American Music Industry

Being known is one thing, but being consistent is another. The American-born Nigerian singer doesn’t slack at all, even without a Grammy award. He is known globally because of his hard work and consistency. He did numerous features with america artist and friends with them too. I believe the last time one of them came to Nigeria, Davido sent is fleet of cars to go pick him. Mention Davido overseas in the UK, USA, almost all music lovers knows the name.


Top Five Nigeria Musicians Who Penetrated The American Music Industry

One of the most controversial musician from Nigeria can’t be over looked, Burnaboy is notably known abroad not just for is Grammy AWARD but as AFRICA GIANT. he’s energetic looks, energetic performance gives him much stance. He has done several samples of america musicians songs that even blew way more than the original songs and one can’t help to say how unique he is despite the attacks he gets from all angles people calling him the king of samples…(but last I checked, I heard a Lil Durk gave him an invite to remix his song “all my life” which is currently out)


Top Five Nigeria Musicians Who Penetrated The American Music Industry

If I don’t mention the legend himself, the king of afrobeat, the pioneer himself. What will be my gain? Fela was known during the time all over the globe and I wonder how he did it. When they were hardly any promotions, radio stations, TV sets and the rest unlike now that they is streaming apps all over. Social media site and the rest. Yes Fela is number 2 because he create the way for all the Afro beats today in African. Rest on king.


Top Five Nigeria Musicians Who Penetrated The American Music Industry

I have never seen an African musician who rose to global recognition as fast as Rema. This was a kid who literally started in 2018 freestyling from his parent vehicle then upload it on the internet. Viola he was quickly picked by Don Jazzy signed to Mavin records, changed his genre from hip-hop to afro party pattern and HERE WE GO like Fabrizio. Baby calm down! Calm down. A song nigeria thought were nursery’s rhymes was accepted all over the world even as far as Indian, China, meanwhile in Nigeria it barely even had good time play. The remix he did with Selena Gomez and the relationship rumours helped to spice up everything and I must say Rema is one of the most global afrobeat musician as at now.


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