How Do You See Women Who Dress Like This? (Photo)

How do you see women who dress like this? Will you like your woman to dress like this?

A Nigerian, ChukwumaDarling wrote On NL;

“Women who are dressed like this will FORCE you, psychologically, to come correct.

Before you walk up to women who are endowed in their feminine appearance, you’d run some self-checks.

“Haa, haaa” to check your breath.

“Look in the mirror” to be sure your clothes are well pressed, even 2FA, by asking your guy, “How do I look?”

“Smell your armpits” to be sure you don’t reek horribly and need a cologne.

Then, they’d force you into being in shape too, because you can’t ask for excellence, when you can’t give a fraction of it.

That’s how much power a feminine woman has on a man.

But they’ve convinced them that degeneracy is empowering, and now men love it because that’s their default.

A man doesn’t want to be forced into coming correct. But feminine women force it out of him.

Bask in your femininity, Ladies. I promise you, it pays.

Learn or learn the hard way.”

How Do You See Women Who Dress Like This


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