MTN Apologises For Glitch, Customer’s Debts To Be Restored (Photo)

MTN Apologises For Glitch, Customer’s Debts To Be Restored (Photo)

MTN Nigeria has apologised for glitch, as customer’s debts to be restored.

In the early hours of Saturday, November 11, 2023, the debts of MTN customers were all cleared as customers took to social media to thank MTN.

A technical glitch in MTN Nigeria’s system has resulted in the temporary removal of debt from the accounts of subscribers who had borrowed airtime from the company.

The glitch, which is believed to have occurred sometime in the early hours of Saturday, has left subscribers perplexed and excited.

Upon checking their accounts, they discovered that the money they had borrowed had vanished, leaving their balances at zero.

Responding to the development, the telecom giant confirmed the situation in a statement shared with TheCabe on Saturday.

MTN said customers’ balance was affected by a system glitch impacting balance enquiries.

The firm, however, assured customers of total restoration of their balances as soon as the company’s engineers resolved the glitch.

MTN Apologises For Glitch, Customer's Debts To Be Restored


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