Photos Of Kuteb People Killed By Fulani Militia In Taraba State

Here are photos of Kuteb People killed by Fulani Militia in Taraba State.

The Kuteb community in Taraba state were attacked by Fulani herdsmen militia and so many savagely killed.

The Kuteb Nation and the Ongoing Attacks: Is This Ethnic Cleansing?

I have written numerous articles about the ongoing situation in Kuteb lands for many years. Unfortunately, we continue to wake up to news of attacks in different communities or villages within Takum, Ussa, and Yangtu. What is most concerning to me is that these attacks are mostly targeted at the Kuteb people. I have personally visited these areas to gather firsthand information on the ground, and Taraba News has five reporters stationed in this axis – two in Takum, one in Ussa, and another one in Yangtu area.

The question that continues to plague my thoughts is why these killings are not ending? Are there any details being left out by those reporting on it? Why are specific tribes and people being targeted? Despite military presence within this area, why do these killings continue unchecked? Why does the government only pay lip service instead of taking action against this issue? Is this an act of ethnic cleansing?

These questions keep running through my mind as I reflect on this situation. On November 24th, 2023 news broke of a recent attack where nine adults were killed by bandits during early morning raids on Rubur Ribasi, Nyicwu, and Ruwah Communities; later that day another man was also killed at Tukwog along Takum Attack road making a total of about eleven casualties recorded within one day alone.

In addition to these incidents reported earlier that day around 5:00 pm reports had come through stating yet another attack occurred on Kpambo Yashe located within Ussa LGA with no clear number given regarding casualty figures.

When Taraba News visited troubled areas they counted over thirty sacked villages- most now quiet as graveyards. These attacks are said to be orchestrated by Fulani Herdsmen, the affected villages include Asik, konkaen, fangte, Kujwaen, Kicha, and Kusansang, while in Takum, the affected villages Include Basank, Muji 1 and 2, Fawen, Tati, Flashing, Rikwen Tumu, Rikwen Ewum, and Tswen 1 and 2. In Yangtu, they include Jenuwa Koji, Kwari, Boi, Kpaw, Kwambai, Nyife, Ruwa, and Nyiewu.

Previously, Darius, the former Governor, was accused of remaining silent on this issue. However, even after his departure from office, the attacks have not ceased. This indicates that the situation is more serious than initially thought.

The Southern Taraba Youths Coalition for Peace (STYCOP) denounces the recent surge of bandit attacks in Kuteb land, particularly those that occurred on November 24th, 2023.

According to STYCOP’s statement, “in the early hours of November 24th, 2023, bandits attacked Rubur Ribasi and Nyicwu communities as well as Ruwah community of Yangtu SDA. These attacks resulted in nine adult fatalities. Later that day on Takum-Manya road at Tukwog location another attack took place which killed one man bringing total casualties to ten within a single day.”

Amb Rikwense Muri stated in their signed statement “To make matters worse” that reports suggest yet another attack launched by bandits took place later at around 5:00 pm on Kpambo Yashe located in Ussa LGA however details regarding casualty are not known yet.

STYCOP strongly condemns these irrational acts of aggression and extends its deepest sympathies to all affected individuals.

Additionally, the group urges relevant authorities to take prompt action against perpetrators and ensure safety and security for residents living in Kuteb land.They remain committed towards promoting peace and unity within our communities while urging stakeholders alike to unite against violent extremism alongside other forms of criminality including such activities like banditry.

Valentina Caleb who was personally impacted expressed sadness over this tragic occurrence stating: “This is what my society has offered me after leaving school for just a year.” While crying over phone he shared his thoughts saying, “The land I reside upon daily presents rotting corpses before my eyes; once deemed free now fear-stricken.”
Governor Kefas must take decisive measures since allowing this issue to persist can’t be tolerated any further.The Governor appears focused towards improving security with steps taken so far paving way for people residing within Kuteb lands being able to sleep peacefully once again.

Photos Of Kuteb People Killed By Fulani Militia In Taraba State

Photos Of Kuteb People Killed By Fulani Militia In Taraba State

Photos Of Kuteb People Killed By Fulani Militia In Taraba State


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