Wura Season 2 Premieres In OAU (Photos)

Nigerian telenovela, Wura Season 2 has premiered in Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, as cast relieve time on set.

The photos were shared on PREMIUM TIMES as all the cast were happily smiling to the ever active cameras.

Wura is a 2023 Showmax original Nigerian soap opera, executively produced by Rogers Ofime. The series is best known to be Nigerian first longest Showmax original series, starring Scarlet Gomez, Yomi Fash Lanso, Carol King, Ray Adeka, Iremide Adeoye, Ego Iheanacho, Martha Ehinome, Lanre Adediwura, Oluwaseyi Akinsola, Ropo Ewenla, Miracle Gabriel, and Tersy Akpata.

Wura is an adaptation of the South African soap opera The River, an M-Net original production streaming on Showmax.

Following the success of the first season of Showmax’s original series, Wura, season 2 premiered last Thursday at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Wura, a 200-episode Nigerian telenovela series, is the Nigerian adaptation of the hit South African 1Magic telenovela ‘The River’ and revolves around Scarlet Gomez’s portrayal of Wura, an ambitious woman in the gold mining industry with a ruthless edge

Wura season 1, with its 100 episodes, debuted on 26 January 2023 after screening at the palace of the Ooni of Ifẹ̀, Osun State.

The series is touted to become the longest-running Nigerian telenovela.

The first season thrilled viewers with compelling and suspenseful episodes from start to finish as fans clamoured for the second season’s release.

Surprisingly, the show’s popularity has extended to even younger audiences eagerly anticipating the Season 2 premiere, which aired on Monday.

Season two premiere

The premiere witnessed a teeming number of students eager to have their first view of the new season of the intriguing series.

Even more exciting for the students was the presence of some of the cast members upon recognising their favourites Tumi (Martha Ehinome), Dimeji (Casey Edema), Jeje (Ray Adeka), Mide ‘Cobra’ (Lanre Adediwura), Iyabo (Ego Iheanacho), Kanyinsola (Modesinuola Ogundiwin) and Ewa (Tersy Akpata).

Their arrival brought the characters on the screen to life, drawing cheers and applause from the audience, who excitedly took selfies with the stars. The stars showed up looking sharp, much to the delight of screaming onlookers and then went on to share their on-set experiences, offering insights into their roles and the filming process.

At the premiere, the organisers actively encouraged students to sign onto Showmax, with enticing prizes awaiting them.

Adding to the entertainment, the screening featured students engaging in a vibrant hype contest with the cast and a brief impromptu musical performance by ace singer-turned-actress Ego Ogbaro, creating an atmosphere beyond the typical premiere experience. Ms Obaro is a cast member of the series.

If the first three episodes screened at the university’s amphitheatre are anything to go by, then ‘Wura’ Season 2 promises intensified drama, with Fola uncovering Paulina’s deep-seated vengeance and Kanyinsola persisting in her mission to bring down Wura.

Ehinome, who plays Tumi, hinted at revealing different dimensions of her character to the excited crowd, saying, “The story is getting intense, and you will see different sides of Tumi.”

With 100 episodes airing four times a week from Monday to Thursday, ‘Wura’ Season 2’s compelling narrative and engaging characters will earn it more loyalists.

The series features veterans and fast-rising stars like the lead Scarlett Gomez, who plays Wura Amoo-Adeleke; Yomi Fash-Lanso, who plays Anthony Amoo-Adeleke; and Nollywood veteran Carol King stars as Grace Adeleke in the series.

Other cast members are Ray Adeka as Jejeloye “Jeje” Amoo, Iremide Adeoye as Lolu Adeleke, Ego Iheanacho as Iyabo Kuti, Martha Ehinome as Tumininu “Tumi” Kuti, and Lanre Adediwura as Olumide Kuti.

In an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES, Ego Ogbaro, Ray Adeka, Lanre Adediwura, and other cast members shared their experience on the movie set whilst giving an insight into their roles.

Shot originally in Ile-Ife, the cast delved into their journey on set, revealing anecdotes and behind-the-scene moments that added depth and authenticity to the on-screen narrative.

Ego Ogbaro

Ogbaro, known professionally as Ego, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Ego has recorded songs such as “Konko Below”, “Nothing for You”, and “Never Far Away.”

The singer, famous for working with Lagbaja and his band, spoke about why she took the role of Iyabo Kuti in Wura.

She said, “ It was perfect for me to come to Ife the first time to shoot this movie because I was already tired of Lagos, I wanted a change of scene, I wanted a new experience, it just came on time and set we had different experiences, and I can’t say this particular one stood out; it was a range of emotions on set, but all in all, it was a great experience’’.

She added, “I auditioned for three characters, I auditioned for Wura, it was a disaster; I auditioned for Labake, I knew I didn’t want it, because I knew I didn’t fit into that role; but when I auditioned for Iyabo, I knew that I would get it because I killed it. It was amazing coming to that character.”

Ray Adeka

Nollywood actor Ray Adeka played the role of Jeje in the Telenovela series.

Giving more insight into the character, he said, “Playing Jeje, there was a lot of back and forth. I had frequent flights then and always went back and forth for the screening, but I am glad it happened. This is the best show that has impacted my career most. I have done other movies before now, but Wura stands out.”

He also noted that the 200-episode-long series did not bore him out.

Martha Ehinome

Ms Ehinome studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan, majoring in Acting and Speech.

Speaking about her role in the movie and filming in Ife for ten months, she said, “The fact that we shoot here gave me advancements in my career. I have never been in any project as huge as Wura, and I have amazing fans. And secondly, I found a new family amongst the cast.”

She added, “ It was a beautifully intense experience shooting Wura; being somebody else aside from yourself for almost ten months does something special to you, especially when you love what you are doing and the people you are working with; it was a fulfilling moment for me. And I feel that the role was meant for me.”

Aside from Wura, Ehinome is known for movies like, ‘All Colours of the World Are Between White and Black’ (2023), ‘The Pretty Ones Are the Loneliest’ (2021) and ‘Food, Love or Both’ (2019).

Lanre Adediwura

Adediwura, who played the role of Mide but was popularly referred to as Cobra, spoke about his role in Wura.

He said, “My character Bible was about four pages. Wow. For about two weeks, I would not understand what the character wanted for me. And one fateful day, I slept, and midday spoke to me and said I should look in between the back the lines, and I saw the disappointed child, and that was gone I on the line, and I said to myself, whatever it takes to be a disappointment child is what I will bring to the table. Yes.”

Narrating how he brought his character to life, he said, “ So, you look at Mide, you feel disappointed. But I just thought about it: One of the ways I could also bring people closer to Mide was to use emotional blackmail. So I became the strong, corroded, raw and emotional I can remember in all this; I do not joke with my family.”

Wura Season 2 Premieres In OAU

Wura Season 2 Premieres In OAU
Ego Ogbaro and another cast
Wura Season 2 Premieres In OAU
Martha Ehinome aka Tumi
Wura Season 2 Premieres In OAU
Lanre Adediwura aka Cobra
Wura Season 2 Premieres In OAU
Cross-section of Wura cast at the Season 2 premiere at OAU on Thursday.


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