10 Facts About Dating A Married Man

Walshak Kos has shared the 10 facts about dating a married man:

Below are the 10 facts about dating a married man:

1. He can destroy his wife reputation in your presence maybe because of a little misunderstanding with his wife, or, because he wants to make you feel special. But most times when you get to meet the wife you will discover she is not what he painted her to be.

2. Most of them will date you and won’t allow you have another man. Because of this, you won’t be able to plan your life properly and it will stop you from having a healthy relationship.

3. He won’t leave his wife and kids, no matter how he makes you feel.

4. He will use you to experiment the styles he doesn’t try with his wife. He can hang you ontop ceiling fan and ride you. It’s call “End Sars position”

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5. You will be exposed to evil forces. The wife can pray against you, send people to attack you or confront you herself.

6. You will turn to spider woman. Incase of emergency, you will be jumping fence for safety.

7. He will spend money on you. Sometimes you won’t need to satisfy him much, just a little romance on his chest, he will cûm, alert go drop. They cûm quick.

8. He can fart and you won’t complain. Even if he has body odour, you won’t complain. All you will say is “Awwwwn babe, your body odour is so Matured” … Just because you want to get money from him.

9. Don’t reply his message during night, his wife could be the one messaging you.

10. When you have issues with him that’s when he starts posting his wife, children, lineage and village people using sweet and romantic words just to hurt you.

10 Facts About Dating A Married Man


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