About Us

Brainnews officially was founded in 2014, but due to upgrades we couldn’t remain on one domain.

Our upgrade have seen; Brainnewsng.comBrainnewsradio.comBrainnewspaper.com.

About Us: Facts, History, Founder Of Brainnewspaper.com | Brainnews

This upgrade was enacted in order to serve you better, that is our paramount plea here is to help us with your best support to see us stay online at always.

During the years on this three important upgrades, many lessons has been absorbed and written down which someday would be shared for your consumption and educational purpose.

Our purpose on the cloud can never be overrated to include our coverage on Politics, entertainment (celebrities, music and movies), sport, education, science and technology, among others.

Brainnews has just been upgraded to include news and paper from the word – newspaper which forms its full name Brainnewspaper and when in complete suffix – it makes it Brainnewspaper.com.

Right from when it was initially founded in July 2014, its core functions stood at; giving the world the originality in information assimilation as kin and as possible.

The chief-editor of Brainnews, Eyo Nse hails from Uyo, Akwa Ibom. He doubles as a software engineer, writer, social media publicist, web developer, security analyst.

His experience and interest for blogging, writing kick-started in 2010 when he began to write on top social media like Facebook, Twitter, forums and other blogs.

He was advised by his fans to start a blog, but creating, managing a blog in Nigeria has never been that easy, but by the grace of God – successful stories has been assured.

Today, Brainnews stand out to become one of the most trusted indigenous news platform in Africa.

As we start a new phase after this very last upgrade, better service would be rendered with advance effects.

Our top visitors include; Nigeria, United States, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, India, UK, Hong Kong, China, etc.